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FC Bayern München 6:0 SV Werder Bremen | 10/18/14

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Lisa Müller during Bayern’s game against Werder Bremen 18.10.14

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in case u were having trouble seeing them. you’re welcome.

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bayern münchen v werder bremen (18/10/14)

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Xabi Alonso | Post-Match Interview.
About his goal: “Well, I saw the idea here on this pitch last year when Madrid played and Cristiano scored like that so I remember it and [the goal] came from there: make them jump and shoot low. And well, I’ve had a bit of luck.”

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Marco was defeated by the team which has himself in it. 

FIFA 15 Marco vs. Nuri (1:2)

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Selfie friday

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#miss my hair 😭 #me #myself

Manuel Neuer during the match against Ireland - 14.10.2014

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post-match interview w/ Müller, Hummels, Podolski and Götze

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